About Route210

We Are a Christian Singles’ Alliance.

We Do ministry and events that promote Good Individuality, Community and Charity.
“Routing” us to Ephesians 2:10

Welcome to Route 210

Singles’ Community

Today is full of adventure and excitement for singles who are impacting the world. Yet, there are many misconceptions & uncertainty about the singles’ lifestyle.

Interpersonal Relationships

With the onset of texting, posting, tweeting, and emailing platonic relationships have suffered. The ability to have interpersonal relationships has changed dramatically.


There is a crisis and cry for healthy romantic relationships. Television shows are getting people “Married at First Sight”, offering second chances for love and helping you connect because they’re “Ready For Love”.

Online Communities

You now have the ability to only date farmers or those over fifty, meet black people, and harmonize with other singles when it’s your time to mingle because there are so many fish in the sea.

These things are not bad themselves. However, there is a lost art of developing and maintaining real, honoring and authentic relationships due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations through online and electronic platforms.

The Reality

We are here to ally with you to do events that encourage authentic, engaging conversations and interactions, based on biblical models, for a more trustworthy society.