Navigating the Single Lifestyle

In 2010 there were

96,000,000 people

registered on

Million people

lived alone

in 2016

of Americans over the

age of 18

are single today


We create events (“Rest Stops”) reintroducing and establishing
respectful and honoring environments that align with Biblical values.

Think Out Loud Forum

Stop thinking about it and talk about it!
Let’s figure it out together.
Get understanding and wisdom, share your thoughts,
ideas and questions.

Relate Seminar

This five session seminar consists of relational topics on
character, determining personal values, benefits of accountability, living with boundaries, and understanding the differences
between dating and relating.

Outdoor Adventure

Enjoy the beauty of God’s creativity. There’s so much to explore in the great wide open spaces of the world.
Land, sea and air bring opportunities to explore together.

Rest Stops

Like our highway systems Rest Stops are designed for rest, relief and refueling.

Real Talk
  • Authentic Conversations
  • Think Out Loud Conferences
  • Relate Seminars
  • Forums
Service Opportunities
  • Disaster Relief
  • Foster Children
  • Single Parents
  • Mission Trips